How do the levels work?

Level 1 lessons are structured in a series of four-week blocks 8 count Lindy Hop, 6 count Lindy hop, Charleston. These can be taken in any order and are suitable for complete beginners. They will give you the fundamentals needed to dance socially to various tempos and progress to the Level 2 class.


Please read the level descriptions carefully and attend the appropriate classes.

LEVEL 1- These classes are suitable for complete beginners and those who have started dancing within the last year. Each 4 week block covers different material and it is recommended that all newer dancers attend each block. We also recommend repeating these blocks to consolidate the fundamentals (especially if new to level 2 classes).

LEVEL 2- Suitable for dancers who have covered the LEVEL 1 course of the same theme e.g. 6 count Lindy hop or Charleston and feel comfortable with the footwork and basic lead/ follow connection. It will look at important concepts in more detail and variations on basic patterns.

LEVEL 3- This class is aimed at those with at least 1 years' experience of swing dancing and who want to be challenged!
To attend this class you need to know and be comfortable with swing outs, Lindy circles, mixing 6 and 8 count, 1920s and '30s Charleston, entry and exit to Tandem Charleston and some simple jazz steps. 
**Please ask us if you are unsure about the levels**