What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Some dress up in vintage gear, some in sporty clothes but anything comfy and casual is fine.  Footwear is most important-flat smooth soled shoes are ideal or trainers/ pumps. It helps if you can slide a little so the less 'grippy' the sole the better.

Do I need a partner?

No. The great thing about swing dancing is that it's a social dance. This means anyone can come along to a class or event and know that they can ask and be asked to dance.  We rotate partners during the lesson and that's what makes it so much fun!

Can I stick with my partner in the class?

Yes. If you're feeling a bit nervous about learning to dance it's fine to stay with your partner during the class. As you increase in confidence, we hope that you'll join in the rotation as it helps you to learn and get to know everyone.

What music is good to practice to?

Here are a few track suggestions, depending on the style you want to practice:

Charleston: The Viper-Paul Lenart, Billy Novick; Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho- Kid Ory & his Creole Jazz Band; Going up the country-Kitty, Daisy and Lewis; A Little Bird Told Me- Evelyn Knight; Sweet Georgia Brown- Brother Bones and his Shadows

Lindy hop (slow): All that meat and no potatoes- Louis Armstrong and his All Stars; Forty Cups of Coffee- Ella Mae Morse; My baby just cares for me-Nina Simone; Swingin' on Nothin'-Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five; Blitzkreig Baby-Una Mae Carlisle

Medium: Who walks in when I walk out-Ella Fitzgerald; I want a tall skinny papa-Lucky Millinder; Le hot jazz-Jimmy Lunceford; Solid as a rock- Ella Fitzgerald; Gotta pebble in my shoe- Chick Webb and his Orchestra; Jump Session- Slim and Slam

Faster: Yacht Club Swing-Echoes of Swing, Fats Waller; In the Mood-Glenn Miller; Take the A train-Duke Ellington; Opus One- Tommy Dorsey; Just a simple melody-Chick Webb; Hop, Skip and Jump-Englebert Wroebel's Swing Society

Balboa: Ochi Chornya- Wingy Malone; Undecided-Red Norvo; Community Swing-Glenn Miller; Minor Swing-Django Reinhardt